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just 3 EUR per licence

Demo versions

Free Demo (Excel 2007)
Free Demo (Excel 2010 and higher)

Demo explanation:

The demo will allow 5 clicks with the ExCharts add-in during 1 Excel session. It is currently valid until December 31, 2018. After this date, a new demo will have to be downloaded or the full version purchased.

To start using the demo add-in, save it somewhere on your hard drive, then open Excel, go to Excel Options, choose Add-ins from the menu, then press Go, press Browse, locate your add-in, press Open. In the add-in list, your demo add-in should have a tick next to it. Then press OK and start using the demo.


Main Features

Automatically adjust chart range with a single click
Manipulate chart ranges for multiple charts at once
Select any starting point by entering the number of steps to shift it
Save time and increase your sense of orientation in your data
Update multiple charts to replace incoming new data in a split second
Runs with Microsoft Excel 2007-2016

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ExCharts Excel add-in

just 3 EUR per licence


Is there an upper limit on the number of charts that can be adjusted simultaneously with the "All charts in sheet" buttons?

No, there is no upper limit. The add-in will handle any number of charts that fit into a single worksheet.

Will ExCharts work on my smartphone or tablet?

No, the add-in will work only on desktop PCs or laptops with Windows operating system.